Scott Levy

Member Type: Partner - Owner

Contact: 812-325-4175, email, LinkedIn

Headquarters: Indiana

Client Profile: Enterprise businesses with 50+ locations spending $100,000+ per month

2015 TA Peer-Reviewed for: Enterprise voice & mobility, TEM, telecom expense management, WEM, wireless expense,

Verifiable Client Project Experience With: SpectroTel, NetWolves, MetTel, Granite, BullsEye, D&M Enterprise, Intelisys, CompTIA, AOTMP,

C-Level Consulting For: compare vendors, best vendors, vendor alternatives, how to choose, vendor management, software solutions, management software, project management, how to decide, should I switch,

Approved Keyword Searches: compare telecom expense management vendors, TEM software, alternative WEM solutions, best mobile management software, how to choose invoice management vendors,  

TA1000 Tags: 1000, Enterprise voice, TEM, WEM, Partner Owner,

Other: BGP Optimization,  

Enterprise voice & mobility management for businesses with 50+ sites spending $100,000+ per month


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